ConnectIN Jobs Global is a leading human resources consultancy with a very clear purpose; to help organisations maximise efficiency and profits whilst saving costs. In other words, ConnectIN Jobs Global makes it possible for clients to ensure international best practice throughout the entire employee lifespan whilst increasing efficiency, saving costs and improving results.

ConnectIN Jobs Global’s 4 service pillars:

  • Domestic Recruitment
  • International Recruitment
  • Remote leadership & training development
  • Global wellness

This is achieved by making it easier for domestic as well as international organisations to facilitate all of their human resource needs, providing a cost-effective one-stop-solution covering the entire employee lifecycle, with a consistent approach, no matter where they are in the world. ConnectIN Jobs Global boasts a prestigious client portfolio and is the provider of choice for many of the world’s largest financial institutions and professional services companies. Clients can be confident that wherever their employees are located in the world they can have access to the support they need to achieve highest levels of performance.



ConnectIN Jobs Global’s Domestic /International Recruitment solves HR problems by providing a bespoke service that matches the best candidates to senior as well as junior positions. Saving clients time and money and prepping candidates from the initial application, profiling, coaching and concierge onboarding. Through global networks and recruitment specialists, ConnectIN Jobs Global ensures the selection and integration of suitable and sustainable staff to senior/junior domestic/international and expatriate positions.



Finding the right senior staff to fill vacancies in multiple global locations can be expensive and time consuming when looking beyond the local talent pool. ConnectIN Jobs Global can step in to provide a bespoke solution, relieving HR departments of the hassle of vetting, interviewing, testing and shortlisting suitable candidates.

Operating a global network of associated offices, ConnectIN Jobs Global’s dedicated team of recruitment specialists provide access to over 300 million executives in over 180 countries, allowing clients to find the best people from a world of talent. In-depth practical, competence and psychometric testing ensure only most suitable candidates are shortlisted.



ConnectIN Jobs Global offers a comprehensive service that is both time efficient and cost effective. All aspects of the recruitment process can be carried out remotely, including shortlisting, psychometric testing and preparing candidates for interviews. By carrying out the entire process remotely the client saves money on their own, and ConnectIN Jobs Global’s, travel and accommodation costs.

  • Save time: only allocate time for final interviews
  • Reduce costs: no travel and accommodation expenses
  • Consistency: retain corporate message throughout global outpost offices
  •   Bespoke service: provided by   experienced global HR professionals



ConnectIN Jobs Global is a one-stop solution designed to help Domestic as well as International organisations implement a more tailored approach to employee benefits. Our aim is to deliver cost savings whilst improving the quality of employee benefits.

ConnectIN Jobs Global’s experience within the field and comprehensive knowledge of employee benefits can give your company access to the largest pool of corporates, non-government and government organizations. By conducting bespoke market comparisons and benefit analysis, we can help you find the best deals and achieve those all-important cost savings.

Increased employee satisfaction

Lower staff turnover

Cost savings


 ConnectIN’s domestic & international recruitment services are available at two different levels: Standard and Premier.


  • SOURCING: Database search, marketing communications and head hunter
  • SCREENING: Resumes, preliminary interviews
  • SELECTION: Role promotion, candidate negotiation
  • ON-BOARDING: Candidate offer


  • SOURCING: Database search, marketing communications and head hunter
  • SCREENING: Resumes, preliminary interviews, practical, psychometric and competence testing
  • SELECTION: Role promotion, candidate negotiation, reference checking
  • ON-BOARDING: Candidate offer, contract completion, first day preparation, travel planning, pre-induction, employee assistance programme


 Clients can also benefit from ConnectIN’s market intelligence and expert insights, sharing valuable trends, market analysis, benefit comparisons and benchmarking